Friday, May 28, 2010

Toys I never got . . .

To wrap up the "Blog a Day in May" Challenge, I wanted to mention 5 toys that I never got growing up that I wanted really badly. (Santa, you let me down)

1) Star Wars toys
- I asked for so many things and never once got one, not even an action figure. When other kids would bring theirs in for show and tell, I'd only be envious.
2) Operation - You would think for a simple board game this would be an easy request. No clue why I never got it, but the commercials had a jingle that you just couldn't get out of your head.

3) GI Joe aircraft carrier - I never had a lot of GI Joe stuff, but this is something that I thought would be way to cool not to have. Looking back, it was the best thing for me that I never got it. A friend in the neighborhood had one, it was freakin' huge.

4) Telescope - I knew when I was young I wanted one, but could never figure out why. Astronomy never interested me, I just thought it would be cool to have a telescope. We had too many trees around to ever use one to spy on the neighbors, it was probably for the best that I never got one.

5) B.B. gun - Even though "A Chirstmas Story" is one of my favorite holiday movies, it's probably best I didn't get one. I'm sure I would have broken a window or something if I would have gotten one.


  1. this post makes me a little sad...

  2. I think my mind is so happy about the children toys. Various nice toys I never got. Thanks for sharing.

  3. that Operation commercial is really grotesque when you think about that poor guy on the operating table.