Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lazer Tag

Toy #2 - Lazer Tag

Why chosen
: I remember this being an exciting gift, but can't really remember why I asked for. I do remember getting it for Christmas one year, surprisingly enough, my brother got some equipment too. The biggest reason I enjoyed playing with this in my youth was that I was a big Star Wars fan growing up and having a Lazer Tag gun and playing the game would be the closest thing to being part of that universe. The gun even made cool sounds when you pulled the trigger.

Worst thing to happen to this toy: Nothing bad really ever happened to it, but they would go though batteries quickly or you might shoot the targets at point blank range and nothing would register. This was not a toy that could easily be used by yourself. If the urge to play with this came on and no one was around to play with, I'd turn the target on and set it on a bookshelf while shooting at it from behind a piece of furniture. This way, I could pop up, take a shot and duck back down like someone was shooting back at me. All of this makes me sound like I was a lonely boy, but I wasn't.

Where are they now: I have no idea, I'm sure they were sold in a garage sale or donated somewhere for a good cause.

If I could still play with them today, would I?: Maybe not in the setting of my home or someone else's, but I'd go to a place like Fun Station and play the version they have there.

Relevant in today's times?: Yes, Lazer Tag is a favorite past time of Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother" and I love that show.

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