Monday, May 17, 2010

"If it doesn't say Micro machines, it's not the real thing"

Toy #9 - Micro Machines

Why Chosen: These were fun toys, but I have to admit that I was a Hot Wheels kids when I was really young, but these were so much better when I was a little bit older. I had a lot of these little cars, they really were about the size of a quarter. I also had a lot of the corresponding things like the other picture above, a toolbox that turned into a small city. There were other automotive items (gas can, distributor cap, can of oil, etc) that turned into things that could make everything combined turned into a big city.

Worst thing to happen to this toy: These things were actually pretty durable, kind of surprised for things that were so small. I treated these well because I liked them so much and was a little older (5th-6th grade) when there were really popular. If there was anything bad that really happened to them, it would be in the next section . . .

Where are they now?: I remember my parents having a garage sale when I was in high school and letting them put these up for sale. There was a pretty big box full of all this stuff and it should have gone in the $20-$30 range at the minimum. My dad didn't really know too much about all this stuff and sold the entire box for $5. I was on a school trip the day of the garage sale, but remember hearing about it when I got home. I told him that was for way too little and my mom agreed, but she wasn't around when he made the sale. To this day, that sale still gets brought up from time to time when I'm at home with my parents. I'm too old to really care about it now, but someone got a great deal that day.

If I could play with them now, would I?: I kind of already have in the last 6 months. I found one carrying case of these in the top of my closet when I was at my parents house at Christmas. I didn't pull them out and play with them, but just opening up the case and seeing most of the vehicles again brought back a lot of memories.

Relevant in today's times: In some ways it is. I don't think that small toy cars ever go out of style, but this actual line of toys aren't around any more. How many of you remember the guy from the commercials? He was parodied on an episode of Family Guy within the last couple of seasons.

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