Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"It's Nerf or nothing!"

Toy #10 - Nerf Indoor Golf

Why Chosen: I grew up with my dad playing golf a lot, so it was natural to try things that he did. Usually, we only played min-golf on vacations and it was always a lot of fun. The really fun part about playing indoor golf like this was the creativity in designing your own holes (like the commercial shows below). My brother and I would take turns designing a course to play and it usually involved having the first few holes upstairs and criss-crossing rooms to make a challenging course and the remaining holes would be downstairs. There used to always be a hole that involved starting at the top of the stairs and finishing somewhere downstairs. Doing the opposite way, starting down and going up would have been foolish as I'm sure something would have gotten broken (there is no Nerf pitching wedge).

Worst thing to happen to this toy: Since we had fun with this, I really don't think anything bad happened. I don't think anything was ever broken; I'm sure the people at Nerf would have liked to know that.

Where are they now?: Sold at a garage sale or given away . . . no clue really.

If I could play with them now, would I?: No, I prefer the real, overpriced, outdoor version. Plus, I've grown up and graduated to real golf. I'm still not a great putter, so I guess all the indoor golf was played for no reason.

Relevant in today's times: Not the indoor version, but I have an iPhone app called "Mini Golf" and you can't miss an outdoor version at any tourist town in America. Go to Panama City, Orlando, or Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg if you don't believe me.

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