Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"There's only one Nerf!"

Toy #14 - Nerf Indoor Fencing

Why Chosen: I could choose from just about anything that Nerf had made in the late 80's and early 90's, we had a lot of stuff. This was fun because it was a good reason to take something padded and have me and my brother hit each other senselessly with it and not be overly violent. Yeah, we'd stab and hit each other with the swords a little too hard sometime, but it was supposed to be safe with Nerf (and usually was).

Worst thing to happen to this toy: After many uses, you can imagine that the foam swords would start to show their wear and tear. They would either be permanently bowed or the ends would start to fray/shread.

Where are they now?: These had to still be in decent enough shape to donate or sell at a garage sale. We weren't so harsh with them that they had to be thrown away.

If I could play with them now, would I?: No, don' think that I would.

Relevant in today's times: If you want to see people playing with foam swords, just venture out to Landis Green on the weekends. The LARPer's don't use a Nerf version, but still use a padded version. I was with Tyler, one of our Student Activities GA's, the first time he went to Landis Green and the only thing he could say was, "Looks like something you would see in the movie Role Models."

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