Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogging returns

After last year's Blog a Day in May Challenge, all the participants learned a lot about one another and each of our blogs were are great representation of our different personalities. Kudos to Regina for getting us organized and ready to go for 2010. If it wasn't for her, a winner from last year would have never been determined. To all my readers and followers, I was voted the winner of the 2009 Challenge.

The theme I had last year was challenging towards the end of the month, but reflecting back on different things in my life was a lot of fun. It's safe to say that Top 5 Lists won't be the theme I choose this year, but there will be a theme of some kind.

Here are the participants for this year's Challenge:

Here are our rules:

  • Each blogger must submit 1 post every weekday in May – after 12:01am before 11:59pm each day.
  • Each post must have words – no limit, but just be sure you have put some thought into your post - This is not a scrapbooking contest à compliments of Meghan in 2009
  • Must request the day off via email to all competition participants. Participants may approve or deny request – majority rules.
  • Participants must submit blog name before contest begins.
  • All participants should follow other participants.
  • All participants should read other bloggers post for support and voting.
  • You must post about the challenge in your first blog post, although it doesn’t have to be the majority of the post.
  • Mid-week vacations are not exempt from blogging!!!

In the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions on where the other bloggers can take me for my celebratory lunch/dinner, please let me know.

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