Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The theme begins today

The theme of my blog begins today, although after yesterday's post, I could blog about the flooding in Nashville all month long. The long awaited theme of the month . . . . toys I played with as a kid.

After some conversations with friends and my brother recently, it doesn't matter how old we all get yet we all still feel like we haven't grown up yet. These are friends of mine that are married and have kids, yet they sometimes still feel like kids themselves. In order to slow down our aging process, I'd like to revisit my youth and share with you all the things that I enjoyed playing with as a kid and why I don't play with those things any more. This list is in no particular order, so just because I post something today doesn't mean I liked it any more than stuff I post about later in the month.

Toy #1 - He-Man collection

Why chosen
: This is probably the single most collection of toys/action figures that I had growing up and a favorite cartoon of mine (see video above). Between my brother and I, we had most of the action figures, vehicles and castles but didn't have everything.

Worst thing to happen to this toy: Two things come to mind. Number one, a small container of slime came with one of the castles and the entire contents happened to spill on the carpet one day. The slime got taken away from us, but it wasn't hidden very well. The second thing was when my brother and I learned that all the arms could be taken off most of the action figures. We thought it would be a good idea to take them all off and mix and match the arms on the different figures. Turned out that not all of them were so easy to be put back on, we got in a lot of trouble for that one.

Where are they now: I think they're up in my parents attic somewhere. It's been a long time since I've seen them but I'm pretty sure that's where they are. I don't know why we chose to save them, maybe it was because my parents invested so much money into all of it.

If I could still play with them today, would I?: Probably not, but setting them all up and looking at them again could be a lot of fun.

Relevant in today's times?: Sadly, no; not since a failed remake of the cartoon series back in 2002.


  1. Billy...I love the new theme.

  2. Agreed... Toys are wonderful. You never think that playing with them could be so detrimental to your health and yet how many times did you get in trouble for throwing, breaking, switching, hiding toys? I love toys.. always have and always will, which is why I have them in my office. No action figures, but I do have a make shift barbie doll. :)

  3. :) Exciting theme! Just blogged today about the importance of toys glad to hear there is more to come!