Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ahh, the memories . . .

Toy #16 - HeMan Lunch Box

Why Chosen: Seemed like every kid in my elementary school had a lunch box graced with a popular cartoon at the time, mine was no different. This also brings the first toy I blogged about come back full circle as HeMan was popular in my household. Technically, this isn't a toy, but it's based on one and let's face it; you gotta eat lunch, this is a necessity.

Worst thing to ever happen to this toy: My brother and I had matching lunch boxes so I think I was the one to put a big sticker on the outside of mine to tell the two apart, no doubt that hurt any resale value. My HeMan thermos developed a leak at one point, so I got a G.I. Joe version to replace it. At the time I thought it was weird to not have the lunch box and thermos not match. At one point in time, it became uncool to use a lunch box and the trend became brown paper sacks; R.I.P. lunch box.

Where are they know?: Probably stashed away in my parents garage somewhere, my mom's too nostalgic to have thrown it out or donate it.

If I could play with them now, would I?: Only if there was some resale value where I could put it on eBay.

Relevant in today's times: No, but at least this guy has a Youtube video about the same lunch box.

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