Friday, May 14, 2010

RC Cars, part 2

Toy #8 - Tyco RC Racin' Hoppers

Why Chosen: After remembering how much fun I had with the Remote Control Car from one of my blog entries last week, it had me thinking about the indoor version we had (see above video). This was quite large and a lot of fun to have set up in our basement playroom. Getting it set up and running was a lot of fun, I wish it had a vertical loop where the cars go upside down but at that age unless I was going to go out and buy one myself, this would have to do.

Worst thing to happen to this toy: The worst thing about this toy was that sometimes while the cars were going around the track, they would just stop. I figured out at the time that it was for one of two reasons. 1) Somewhere along the track, the metal connecting the different track pieces would come apart just enough to disrupt the electrical circuit. 2) The track pieces would be unevenly connected to where there was just eno
ugh of a dip/rise between the two pieces where it would act like a speed bump. In either case, you'd have to sometimes inspect every piece of the track and find out where the bad connection was; sometimes easy, sometimes not.

The worst thing that I ever did to this toy was that if you had the trigger on the control pulled all the way back when it was going up the hill (as seen in the commercial), the car would keep going up and fly off the track; sometimes it would hit the wall. Nothing ever broke off of it, but it might fly off the track intentionally sometimes.

Where are they now?: No clue, most likely donated to a thrift store or sold at a garage sale.

If I could play with them now, would I: Yes, it would be a lot of fun if my parents still had it but I wouldn't go out and buy a new one.

Relevant in today's time?: Yep, you can still buy racing kits like this, but they just aren't as popular as they used to be.

I couldn't find an actual picture of this toy, but to stick with my blog entries always having pictures, I present two more Berenstain Bear books that will never be published.

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