Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Toy #5 - M.A.S.K.

Why chosen: This should have been one of the first clues in my childhood that I was going to major in Engineering when I got to college. This toy had everything an engineer loves, it transformed from an ordinary mode of transportation to something that was combat ready. Certain vehicles shot plastic missiles, which at the time was way too cool. This was a true toy for any boy out there. In my research on the toy, it's going to show my age, as it was most popular in 1984-86 (K - 2nd grade). There was even a cartoon that went with this line of toys. Whatever marketing strategies the toy companies used, it worked on me (see commercial below, the music in the background is from the old cartoon series).

Worst thing to happen to this toy: The toys themselves actually survived ok, there might have been a small part or two lost/broken but they survived my childhood for the most part. The worst thing that I remember doing with the toys would be to use the heavier plastic missiles to knock down some Lincoln Log projects that my brother did. Eventually, we made a game out of it: who could knock down the structure in the least amount of shots.

Where are they now?: I have a feeling that my parents hung on to these for some reason. I want to say that I saw them in a box the last time my parents moved 6 six years ago. Much like the remote control car, I need to look for these the next time that I go visit my parents.

If I could play with them today, would I?" No, but it would be fun to see them again and bring back some memories. If they're in good enough shape, I'd consider putting them up on Ebay.

Relevant in today's times?: Absolutely no relevance today, kind of disappointing.

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