Monday, May 10, 2010

Lite Brite

Toy #4 - Lite Brite

Why Chosen: This was a fun toy from back in the day, it was one of the few artistic activities that I enjoyed and it didn't take a lot of talent to figure out how to use it. I enjoyed all the pre-designed templates that told you what color to put where and the different cartoon themes that there were to choose from. I don't remember all the different refills that we had to choose from, but I do remember G.I. Joe, the Muppets, and Disney. The commercial below also has a very catchy jingle.

Worst thing to happen to this toy: The little plastic, colored lights would all the time get lost in the carpet or broken. There may have a time or two that we tried to make a game out of "hide 10 lights in the carpet and see if you can find them all". We didn't find them all, but the vacuum cleaner did. It wasn't hard to tell when one of parents would run over one with the vacuum, I still remember that sound.

Where are they now?: This is one toy that the base for sure got donated and so did the remaining lights. All of refills probably got thrown away, they weren't any good after one use.

If I could play with them today, would I?: No, they were fun at the time but I don't think I would play with them again if given the chance.

Relevant in today's times?: Yes, just ask Buddy the Elf, he used them to welcome Santa to Gimbel's Department Store.


  1. 1) this was one of my favorite toys
    2) I can see the analytical side of you enjoying this more than any other "artistic" toy
    3) reading about the vacuum, I can hear the noise and my mom

  2. So, I have a memory block that existed from birth until about 12 or 14. I'm pretty sure I've seen a picture with me and a lite brite. I assume it was fun.