Monday, May 2, 2011

And so the blogging begins again . . year 3.

Not going to post much about the rules, we all know what they are (blog on the working days, ask permission to be out of town, bonus for themes and weekend posts, yada yada yada . . .).

I've given some thought to what I've wanted to blog about off and on the past few months and I shall make my final decision based on a combination of two things. This year's theme is "Random song/jingle/theme song stuck in my head" with a touch of "stupidest thing I heard someone say or ask today." The first will happen each blogging day and the later only if something relevant is said.

Today's song in my head: The Fraggle Rock theme song

Why?: This morning before getting in the shower there was a commercial on tv (don't normally watch tv in the morning, but I wanted to hear the latest Bin Laden news) and right before I got in the shower I thought, "That sounds a little like the Fraggle Rock theme." Then I thought of the Fraggle Rock theme song and it's been in my head most of the morning, crap. Good show from back in the day, but that's an old show.


Dumbest thing I've heard: It wasn't today, it goes back to last Friday. A student called me on my office phone while I was in my office and it's a student I've gotten to know pretty well in my 10 months at Winthrop. Here's how the beginning of the conversation went:

Me: (answering phone) "This is Billy."
Student: "Hey Billy, are you in your office?"
Me: (paused a moment out of disbelief) "J_____, you called me in my office and I answered the phone, so yes, I'm in here."
Student: "Oh"

See you tomorrow fellow bloggers.

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