Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daydreaming . . .

Today's song in my head: Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm version)

Why?: This morning in a staff meeting that wasn't on my schedule until 15 minutes before it started (I take care of space reservations in the building I work in and no one had reserved a room), we were talking a little bit about a pretty serious sexual assault case on campus. While our dean of students was talking about what her role had been in the incident and investigation, she mentioned a couple times "criminal behavior" and "criminal process." I was kind of paying attention but my mind was thinking about other work related topics and when I heard "criminal" a few times this song popped into my head. You may be asking why this specific version and not the Michael Jackson one; simple, Dance Marathon. The year in college that I participated in Dance Marathon, this song was part of the Morale line dance (all you higher ed folks know what I'm talking about) and so since I've heard it a hundred times, it's the first one that comes to mind when I hear the song title.

For all you King of Pop fans, here's his version.

Dumbest thing I've heard today: Every morning on a radio show I listen to while getting ready for work, they have a 5 question trivia game where the first one to answer 3 correctly gets a prize (it's usually tickets to a concert or race). Here was question #2:

Radio DJ: "Remember all the answers to today's questions have double vowels in them. At Easter time, you can usually find marshmallow chicks . . . "
Contestant 1: "Eggs!"
Radio DJ: "Incorrect, let me finish the question. At Easter time, you can usually find marshmallow chicks shaped candy, called what?"
Contestant 2: "Umm . . . Chocolate bunnies"
Radio DJ: "Wow! Really?"

God Bless America, including the not so smart ones.

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