Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did it again

I forgot to blog at work again today, so this is another blog via the iPhone.

Song in my head: "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars

Why?: It was one of the songs I heard on the drive home and it's been in my head forthe past hour or so. I'm also a Bruno Mars fan, mi us the whole gun and drug charges he picked up in Las Vegas. If you've heard his new song "Lazy Day," you know that he mentions sitting at home in his Snuggie; that really speaks to me.

Dumbest thing I heard today: Today's topic is more along the lines of the most confusing thing to happen today. There was a major storm that hit NC/SC overnight; it was unreal in terms of some of the damage that was done just by straight line winds, there was never any threat of tornados though. My power went out around 1am last night and still wasn't back on when I woke up this morning so I decided to get ready earlier than normal just so I could get to work and be somewhere with electricity. I showered in the dark with a little help from some natural light and shaved with the help of 5 candles (it was so romantic). I left for work at 8am knowing that we don't open until 8:30am, I was one of the first people there. At 8:29am, the university sends out an alert notifying everyone that the opening of offices had been delayed by 2 hours due to damage around campus and trees that were blocking roads all over the county.

Why would you send this out 1 minute before everyone is supposed to be at work? Normally, I would have just been leaving home around 8:30am, but no such luck today. There were quite a few of us at 8:30am this morning that were puzzled by the timing of everything.

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