Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost forgot today . . . but I remembered

Life is busy these days, that's for sure. Learning a new job in the past year and having a boss out on leave will speed time up.

Today's song in my head: Mountain Music by Alabama

The last song I heard this morning on local radio before I got in the shower was "Old Alabama" by Brad Paisley. In this song, he pays tribute to the group Alabama since the song is all about them. There is a couple of lines of Mountain Music in Brad's song, but I couldn't get the original Mountain Music song out of my head while in the shower. In addition to it being the last song I heard before getting in the shower, "Old Alabama" was the first song I heard when I got in my car and XM loaded up. It was an easy winner for today's selection.

Funny thing is that I'm not an Alabama fan, it's too old and twangy for me but it's such a classic that any fan of country knows that song. (I can picture Adam stabbing his eardrums out at the mention of country music.)


Dumbest thing I've heard today: You know what, it's not been a day that I've heard anything dumb yet. Let's give a round of applause to mankind for not earning a Darwin award today.

Tally bound tomorrow, just need that oil change in the AM. Later bloggers.

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