Friday, May 6, 2011

Long drive = repeat songs on XM

Not only did I hear this song a lot on the radio on the way down here, it was already in my head quite a bit in the last few weeks.

Today's song in my head: "Rolling in the Deep" by Adelle

Why?: Why not, this song is amazing and she's such a soulful singer (besides the fact that I heard it multiple times on the 8 hour drive from Rock Hill, SC to Tally). It wasn't until long ago that I really took a long listen to this song (or even Adelle for that matter), but I will be paying attention in the future to her new stuff that comes up. For the longest time I just put her in a category of "Sure she's popular but not for me" but like I said, I only had to pay attention to it once to understand why everyone loves her.


Dumbest thing I heard today: It's slightly cheating that I'm posting this just after midnight to count as my Friday post, but that still follows our rules. Anyway, even though I heard a lot of different songs on XM on the way down here, over the course of an 8 hour drive I got to listen to the entire Braves game on the radio. The announcers were talking about how the radio broadcast has improved over the years to now be in surround sound. I thought that was pretty impossible being that it's just a standard AM or FM signal and cars typically don't have surround sound speakers, but hey, they have to have something extra to talk about for a 3 hour game. Here's how part of that conversation went.

Announcer 1: If you're driving home from work or stuck in rush hour traffic, think of this surround sound broadcast as us ridding along in the backseat with you.
Announcer 2: If you feel a tap on the shoulder from us in the backseat, please keep paying attention to the road.
Announcer 1: Heck, if this is surround sound, we could reach around the seat and give you a bear hug while your driving . . .
Announcer 2: Uh. . . yeah . . . but please still keep your eyes on the road.

I just had to laugh a little bit about how stupid that all sounded.

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