Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not Afraid

I made a big deal about not forgetting to blog yesterday in an email to everyone who stated they forgot to blog yesterday (3 of them).  What happens next, I leave work and forget to blog.  So here I am at home blogging via the iPhone and sending this in via email.

Song in my head today:  "Not Afraid" by Eminem

Why?:  I can't remember if this is something that I heard on be way to work or not, but it's been in my head all day for no reason.  I know I heard the Dr Dre and Eminem song "I Need a Doctor" at least twice today but it's not the Eminem song that stuck with me.

Dumbest thing I heard today:  This may actually fall into the "funniest thing that I heard since my last blog post" category, but either way it made me laugh.  On the long drive home back from Tallahassee yesterday, I developed a case of XM ADD; I was channel surfing at great speed. At one point early in the drive, I found myself on one of the comedy channels.  I can't remember the name of the comedian, but it was a guy, and the segment was titled "Rings are Overrated.". He was talking about different aspects of engagement rings but the funny part was about the size of a ring, here's how it went.

Comedian:  "The bigger the ring, the worse the guy. . . just ask Kobe Bryant."

I laughed out loud in the car on that one, it was too good (and the Kobe bashing while playing NBA Jam came to mind too).  The same comedian went on to say, "Ladies, if a guy gets you a 0.5 caret ring that's brown, he will never leave you; he needs you."

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