Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wish there was more money in there.

Long day of work = short blog post.

Today's list . . . 5 random things I keep in my wallet. It's a front pocket wallet, so there's not a lot to choose from.

1) Southwest Rapid Rewards card -- I don't fly that much and Tally isn't a SW town, still have it if I need it.

2) Red Cross Card -- Got it after giving blood years ago, I keep it to remember my blood type, A+.

3) Rita's Cool Card -- I have a long way to go to earn that free treat.

4) Kroger Plus Card -- Tally isn't a Kroger town, but when I go to Nashville to visit the parents, I can get cheap gas.

5) Proof of a Tetanus shot -- In case I step on a rusty nail, I can whip out the card and show the EMT's; I'm good for 5.5 more years.

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  1. random fact that i learned somewhere back in middle school: the us treasury circulates enough one dollar bills in america that every person should have nine.