Friday, May 15, 2009


At the halfway point of the "Blog a Day in May" contest, I'm still going strong with ideas to blog about. I'm a little surprised, but that's been half the fun of the entire contest.

Today's list is pretty simple . . . "5 things that I have collected (for whatever reason) at some point in my life."

1) Baseball cards -- As far back as I can remember, baseball has always been my first love. The elementary school years were the peak of this obsession. If I had to guess, they're in the top of the closet of the room I sleep in when I go back to my parent's house (it's not my room, I didn't grow up in that house). I think this is one reason why I like to play Fantasy Baseball today.

2) Keychains -- I have no clue why I started collecting them, maybe because my brother did at one point in time too. I made a chain out of them and it was pretty long (maybe 10 ft), but I think his was longer since he started collecting them before me. I have no clue where they are now.

3) Golf balls with imprinted logos -- I think this began back in middle school, right around the time that I started playing golf. My grandmother lived on a golf course and there was a lake by the green on the hole she lived on. After retrieving the balls from the water (and never having to buy a golf ball until college) I always thought that the ones with the logos were cool, so I'd keep them. Most of these have probably been lost in the woods or other bodies of water at various golf courses over the years.
4) Four-leaf clovers -- Back in the elementary school days, the neighbors yard was a gold mine for these things. Every time you looked down, there one was. I don't think there was any special reason to saving them, but I did. I remember putting them in a set of children's encyclopedias in the "P" book under "Plants" since there was no entry for clovers. I know where the encyclopedias are now, but no idea if they are still in there. I'm going to have to look next time I go visit my parents.
5) 50 state quarters -- This would be the only thing on the list that I still look for today, it all started my sophomore year of college when they had been out for a few months. I don't go out of my way to find the ones I don't have, but I keep it in mind when I get change back from something. I don't have a book that I keep them in or one of those maps that hold them all. They go in a random little change purse that came with some luggage I got years ago, right now it's at my apartment on a bookshelf. True collectors want a set of "D" and "P" minted coins, I don't care about that. The only one I don't have is Colorado, so if you run across one I'd appreciate the missing piece to my collection.

I'd be interested to hear some of the things that my loyal readers have collected over the years(or still collect today).


  1. - Frogs (about 45 or 50)
    - Disney world pins
    - Hats (I think I had about 75)
    - The usual shot glass

    I'm sure there was more, but I'll have to think on it.

  2. My dad is obsessed with collecting the state quarters. He's not hardcore about the D or P minted coins but he always checks his change for new state quarters. Before we spend any money, he'll always ask if we have a state quarter that we are about to give to the cashier.

  3. shot glasses anywhere I visit, anything Gone With the Wind, and other random collections I started and

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