Thursday, May 21, 2009

What my time in Tally has taught me.

I must admit, the theme that I have chosen for my blog this month is getting harder to maintain. Bear with me through the end of this contest and I'll start blogging about real life issues, such as my thoughts on American Idol.

Today's list . . . 5 things that I've learned since moving to Tallahassee.

1) I'm a kick-ass Scrabble player -- Admit it people, the guy with the Engineering degree seems to win at Scrabble a lot. It's all about the placement of the word and taking advantage of the double and triple word scores.

2) There is more tolerance for a UT grad here -- Being in ACC country, the SEC isn't really looked at the same as it is in other SEC areas. No one has given me any grief for the Tennessee stuff on my car, that's been really nice. I should do more with the local Alumni chapter though, it would help if more people my age were involved with it. The one time I went to an event, I felt very young and out of place.

3) Locals don't like the term "liquid sunshine" -- I thought it was a clever way of talking about the rain, but others quickly let me know that the term wasn't cool to use. Lesson learned, I have retired that phrase.

4) Playing the drums on Guitar Hero: World Tour -- I bought Guitar Hero a few years back, so I know I can play the guitar. I'd say it was back in January and February that I tried them for the first time. I don't own it, but Kelly does, so playing it at her place gave me some practice. I'm still a better guitar player than a drummer; I've been told that I go "in a zone" when I'm on guitar since I concentrate so much.

5) Doing a keg stand -- The only one that I've ever done in my life was at the joint anniversary party of mine and Patrick's respective 29th birthdays. I was cheated on the actual count, someone started the flow early and I didn't get credit for the first 2-3 seconds. At my age now, I doubt that I will ever do one again; it was a one time thing.

Sure I've learned some stuff while at work that will make me a better professional down the line, but who wants to read about that. Life lessons like the ones referenced above is what we all want to know.

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