Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keys to a great road trip

I vow not to make these lists on my blog not to be the type you see on Facebook. Those lists get on my nerves and I have yet to fill one out. I promise to make my lists more interesting and relevant. (Some of you may be thinking that my lists are beyond interesting and relevant, but I enjoy writing about this stuff and being reflective)

Today's list was a suggestion that I threw out yesterday at the SAC cookout as a possible future blog topic. After Adam asked me today why I didn't post it yesterday, it made me think that I have today's topic decided already. Julia made me think about this too after her post on the bad driver in her morning commute.

Today's topic . . . The 5 things that I hate to do on long road trips.

1) Make unnecessary stops -- When I get on the road, I'm usually on a mission. Depending on the length of the drive, multiple stops are necessary. I started packing a lunch when I have to make a long trip. Not only does it save money, but it saves time. In addition, when I do stop, I like to get food, a restroom break, and gas all at the same place. If I'm good on gas, then a rest stop is fine because the vending machines can satisfy the need for a snack.

2) Talking on the phone -- I've done my fair share of it on long road trips, but it's not the best way, in my opinion, to kill time on the road. I've refussed to get a car charger for my phone because I'm never on it long enough to drain the battery. I'll talk on the phone when I have to, but I prefer keeping my concentration on the road. Random side note, I listened in on a conference call back in November on a drive from Tallahassee to Nashville. I couldn't remember two things that was said all conversation long, plus I didn't really pay attention.

3) Admitting that it's my fault that someone honked at me or cut me off -- Much like the rest of you, it's always someone else's fault in my mind when some @$$hole on the road pisses me off. Colorful language has been known to make an appearance in my car when some idiot on the road does something stupid.

4) Take "short cuts" or "scenic routes" -- I know that the Interstate will get me just about anywhere that I need to go. Plus, it's harder to use cruise control on these short cuts and backroads. Granted, if your destination is some place a long way from an interstate (like . . . Starkville, MS) then back roads are just part of the game plan. What I might save in mileage, it's hard to imagine that I'll save in time.

5) Listening to "Books on tape" -- This bores me like no other. I can't handle the monotony of the narrator/storyteller. Granted, I don't have but two experiences with books on tape, but they were both horrible. Maybe I have some sort of ADD on the road, I just can't concentrate to one of those things. The one time that I was in the car for the duration of one of those was on the way to a conference my second year of grad school (and partially on the trip back). Luckily I was in the backseat and could hide my boredome somewhat for most of that trip. At least with music, the song changes every few minutes and keep things fresh (that's why I love my XM radio).

These might sound a little harsh, but I'm a pretty simple road warrior. Being patient, taking limited stops, having music on the radio, and staying on the main roads will keep me happy.

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  1. What???? You don't listen to books on tape. What kind of driver are you? I thought everyone did that.

    Lmbo, just kidding. I have listened to books on tape, but I get sidetracked listening to how ridiculous the reader sounds.