Monday, May 25, 2009

Lessons from the long weekend

Today isn't a part of the challenge, but I wanted to keep blogging on the weekdays.

Today's list. . . 5 things I learned this weekend.

1) Where all the Student Affairs people hang out -- not literally, but every placed I seemed to go this weekend had DSA people there. It was cool at first, then the running joke was "who are we going to see there?"

2) Cleaning a grill is nasty -- yeah, it's the same grill that I'm not allowed to use, but I've never cleaned it before. It was much needed but who knows when I'll ever use it again.

3) Fermintation Lounge is my new favorite spot -- I've never gone there and not enjoyed it. Seems like it draws a crowd that's not undergrads, that's why I like it.

4) There's another UT grad in town -- a small victory in this ACC town. Not saying this new fellow alum is going be my new BFF, but someone to watch UT football games would be nice.

5) Eating Mexican twice in one day isn't bad -- lots of options, always something to choose. Mexican food is really good.

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  1. I think I should be disturbed that you used the term "BFF"...ha...and you would be the person to eat mexican twice in one day