Friday, May 8, 2009

Whatever happened to . . .

Sitting here thinking about what to blog today has been hard. No major ideas have run through my head, but then all of a sudden, it came to me. It's a little list that I want to call, "Whatever happened to?" Some of these things directly involve me and my life, others are just great mysteries of the universe.

What ever happened to . . .

1) My "Golf Digest" subscription? My dad ordered a year's worth for me for Christmas and I haven't gotten anything since the April issue; I should have June's issue in my hand by now.

2) "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? I'm sure that they still have them, maybe I'm just too old to be in the demographic that they market towards.

3) The days when MTV and VH1 showed music videos all day? All the mindless, reality shows on these channels do nothing for me. CMT's even fills their schedule with shows and movies.

4) My 20's? (I'm kidding, 30 isn't bad)

5) Key Lime Pie donuts from Krispy Kreme? I only remember them having it one time and I always hope that it will be there the next time I visit. Sadly, I haven't seen one in 6 years.

6) Dark Chocolate Peppermint ice cream at Coldstone? Again, I only remember having it once, it was the featured flavor onc month. I didn't see any need to add mixin's, it was good as is.

7) Wanting to play Frisbee golf a couple times a week? I guess that urge to play went away when I didn't live in the same city as a course for four years.

8) The old game show "Classic Concentration" staring Alex Trebek? As a kid, I thought the show was challenging enough to watch it and try to remember what was where and test my memory skills. I also admit that I thought the contestants were idiots when they couldn't remember simple matches.

9) All the other kids I rode the school bus with growing up in suburban Atlanta? Yes, I claim Tennessee as home, moved there in 6th grade and I know where most of those friends are. It's all the people I was friends with from K-5 that remain a mystery.

10) All the toys I owned as a kid? I'm sure that some broke and were thrown away. No doubt that some were donated to charity or sold at a garage sale, but where did they all go?

Again, these are just some things that cross my mind from time to time. Yet another list that makes me reflect back on my life (I think I've found the theme to all future blog posts).

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  1. #4 - I so look forward to days when I can say "Hello 30". I'm sure some people would cringe at the thought, but I am an accepting person.

    #5 - I've never had the Key Lime donut, but I'm sure it was a little like heaven on earth.

    #7 - What is that?

    #10 - hmmmmm