Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still posting

I've decided that I still want to post blog entries now that the Blog a Day in May contest is over. I'm not too sure what I'll blog about, maybe the different places that I'm going to this summer (after I get back) or just funny things that I witness during the day.

At one point this summer, I will do a version of one of my favorite blog posts that I read during the challenge. I give props to Julia for her "Puppy love in Target" post, very creative and well written. My version may not be as well written, but the same concept will apply.

Updates from May posts:

* From "Whatever happened to . . ." - My Golf Digests have started coming again, it's a miracle.

* From "Farmer Bill" - The second tomato plant has started growing tomatoes, very exciting news.

* From "What my time in Tally has taught me" - Regina beat me in Scrabble the night of that post. Seriously, who puts "AQUA" on a triple word score? Tripling the word with a 10-point Q was the end of my reign.

* From "As seen on TV" - I failed to mention that the travel book light came with the Snuggie. It really looks as cheesy in person as it does on TV (the book light, not the Snuggie).


  1. Do not hate on Aqua.... I was full of surprises that night. We need to play scrabble forever. I love it.

  2. i would like to note i am still mad at myself regarding my target experience.

  3. Glad you are going to keep posting. We love reading your blog. Love the snuggie.