Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's not Wii Bowling.

Today our office held another version of our Staff Bowling Challenge, one of the benefits of working in a building with a bowling alley. I was told early in my tenure here to keep bowling socks in my desk drawer because you never know when people will want to go bowling. It was great advice and there are always clean socks in the desk drawer.

Today's challenge was talked about last week but wasn't firmly planned until yesterday when we decided it would replace staff meeting. The prize for the best bowler on staff (highest total score of two games) is that you get to keep the coveted "Traveling Pin" in your office until the next challenge. You write your name, date, and winning scores on it. Kelly won it the first time back in the fall and I won it from her back in February.

You can see where I've kept it for 4 months.

Whenever the subject of bowling comes up, there is trash talking involved as to who is going to win in next time. I have to admit that being in my office for 4 months is a long time, but with everyone's work/conference/vacation schedule it's really hard to find a good time to bowl. We made an extra special effort to bowl today since two of our recently graduated GA's only have a week left in the office. We weren't going to let them take the pin if they won, it would stay at their old desks until the next bowling challenge.

The winner of the Staff Bowling Challenge today and the person to hold the pin for the forseeable future is . . .

Me again!

Joe, my boss, had me beat the first game with his 152, others were close but I was a solid second. When he started the second game with a gutter ball, I knew that was a break I had to take advantage of. We were close until really late, I put the game out of reach with the "porn" frame. All of you are thinking, "porn frame?" Yep, I closed the game out with a 10th frame of X-X-X, otherwise known as 3 strikes in a row.. That was the first time that I've ever done that to finish a game. The trash talk and "Don't choke" comments didn't faze me, but make no mistake, I heard them all. There was no way Joe was coming from behind to beat me.

Bowling Challenge days are way too much fun in the office. Bring on the Division of Student Affairs Bowling tournament on June 23rd, the Student Activities Center staff will be ready.


  1. we totally called it at lunch that you would blog about this...but pictures and all? lol...just wait, Adam and I are coming for you and Joe next time...