Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's been 3 weeks

I still mean to blog more often, but the added excitement of blogging now that the blogging contest is over is not as big. Still, there's a few things that I can give updates on.

My last blog was centered on my bowling dominance over the rest of the SAC staff, that was a career day. Last week, we went bowling again since two of our GA's were having their last day in the office. After the first game, I was in the lead and it looked like the pin would be staying in my office. A funny thing happened during the second game, my bowling skills disappeared. It was ugly and I finished a ways down the list of total scores. It was fun to watch Adam only beat Abbie by 1 pin, but sad that I had to pass the pin on to a new home. Rest assured Adam, that pin will be mine again.

My tomato plants are still doing ok, just in the last few days have any begun to turn red. The sad part is that two of them will be ready to be picked over the next few days but I will not be in town to enjoy them until Sunday.

Why Sunday? Glad you asked. Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving for a Concert Management workshop sponsored by NACA in Milwaukee, WI. It's a legit workshop by a legit professional association and directly related to my job, so let's give a round of applause for professional development.

There's been some bad news and good news about the workshop. The bad news is that all day on Saturday, we were supposed to get hands on experience working backstage with the different shows going on at Summerfest and that fell through. I was really looking forward to working at a festival that big with acts that are nationally known, I was bummed when I learned that it wouldn't be a part of the experience.

The good news is that since we can't get this hands on experience and have the entire day blocked off on the schedule, all of the workshop attendees will get an all day pass to Summerfest to enjoy whatever shows we want. I've already checked out the schedule for the day and I think that I'll check out KISS at 7:30pm and then work my way over to the Sara Evans show at 10pm.

I'll take a camera and do my best to post pictures when I return. I'm also looking forward to temps in the 70-80 range and hopefully lower humidity.


  1. I am even more jealous that you get to see's a pretty sweet lineup throughout the week!